Detachment Parenting and NWO Conditioning

4 Jun

Last year, when I was pregnant and exhausted and struggling with my sleep-battling toddler, my mother got me a book called “Sleeping Through the Night”. It claimed to be this fail-proof solution to sleep struggles with babies and children. I always struggled getting my oldest to sleep. At night he slpt fine, but during the day he constantly ought sleep and would wake up ten minutes after being put down. Sometimes I woild spend my whole day trying to get him to get him to sleep, never to succeed. It was rare to have him sleep for more than half an hour, and if he did, I’d be anxious every second thinking he’d wake up at any minute. I stressed constantly that he wouldn’t nape at all, let alone regulary.

He also nursed to sleep, always. I can still remember all the times he fell asleep on his own and count them on one hand. This literally kept me up at night, because convention will tell you babies should be put down when they’re sleepy, not yet asleep, and my son would freak if I did that. I had myself convinced I had already completely screwed up as a mom.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I panicked. How was I going to take care of a newborn when I had a toddler who wouldn’t sleep during the day? When we moved to a new place he started waking up at night, and would toss and turn for an hour before going back to sleep. He still battled naps daily.

So when my mother sent me the book it was for the best of reasons. It described how you can “sleep train” a child of any age by putting them in their bed, in their room, close the door, and let them cry for up to an hour before going back in to them if they have not yet fallen asleep in an exhausted, heartbroken mess. Easy peasy.

There were so many problems for this for us. First, my son did not have his own room. We’re a dirt-poor working class family. He didn’t like his crib anymore, in fact, I don’t think he ever liked his little soft cage. Second, we lived in an apartment building in a warm place without air conditioning-every single one of our neighbors was going to hear that baby scream himself to sleep. He already slept out in the living room on a futon near the (perfectly harmless) pittbull, as well as played and peed in the yard stark naked. I didn’t need another reason to worry that CPS was going to get called on us. Plus I knew my husband and I were not going to tolerate our unattended screaming child for very long. I’d tried to let him cry it out before and he only ever cried more.

One day as I was expressing my anxiety to my husband about how I was never going to be able to “correctly” sleep-train our son, he (actually listening for once, bless him) said, “he’s a baby, it’s natural for him to sleep with his mama, just let him. When the new baby comes, you can all just sleep together.”

Cue the glorious chorus of angles signaling my aha moment. Of course! I did everything else as natural as possible for our modern lives, birthed natural, breast-fed, didn’t vaccinate, every crunchy answer to modernism under the sun. Why wasn’t I treating my child’s sleep like this? “Sleep-training” was a cruel, unnatural and ridiculous practice! On a practical level, what on earth made sense about shutting your child in another room and enduring their miserable cry for an hour until they fell asleep from exhaustion, rather than a sense of relaxation? I’ve heard evolutionists say our species survived because our infant’s cry was so awful we’ll do anything to make it stop. It makes sense that the Lord would create us to have a horrible cry to encourage our mothers to care for us. Everyone hates the sound of a baby’s cry, no matter how you view our origin or what to do about it, it makes so sense to force yourself to endure it. And only in recent human history has it even become possible for anyone other than the extremely wealthy to even hae nother room for the child. And many people in the middle class deliberately practice bed-sharing and baby-wearing. Being able to shut your child away from you and pay others to rear it isn’t a privilidge. It’s an abomination.

The ruling global elite has convinced us that parenting is a burden, this much we know. They want our children out of our homes and into their schools for conditioning, yes. They want our children vaccinated with poison and to deny the development of their own immune systems. But something less discussed-they want our children OUT OF OUR ARMS, even in our own homes. They want us to condition our children from infancy to feel alone, rather than part of a family. Fascist systems like the one soon to come rely on children to be willing to turn in their parents, to tolerate separation from them and identify themselves with the state.

It is not in their best interest to be “sleep-trained”. I am reminded of the allegory of “Brave New World” where people are grown, not reared, and develop and mature along with other children. They are literally sleep-trained, played tapes to them while they sleep conditioning them for their particular caste in the technocracy they are grown to serve. They do not have any sense of a parent, only community with their peers and their caste.

Since moving my son into the family bed and throwing the new baby in their for good measure, I rarely have to get up in the night. My son sleeps great during the day, on the sofa futon right out in the living room where he knows I’m near. The little one has always slept soundly and I have never struggled to get him to sleep. My children belong in my arms, by my side, learning from me, not the state, not some abstract psychological rendering of how I should raise them. Lord forbid, but they will have to pry my children from my cold, dead arms.